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a professional home organizer working in a closet
Perfectly organized jackets hung in closet

Life happens, and even the most meticulously organized spaces can lose their luster over time. Our ReFresh service is here to bring back the pristine, clutter-free state you love.

With our ReFresh service, we will refine existing systems, declutter any accumulated items, and update and adjust organizing products. We understand that life gets busy and our homes need consistent upkeep. That's why our ReFresh Service is designed to provide flexible and as-needed assistance, ensuring your space remains organized, tidy, and looking amazing.

This service is especially beneficial, but not limited to,  pantries after a big shopping trip or for seasonal changes of clothes in your closet. Our team of Professional Organizers can schedule ReFresh services on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or any other interval you feel things need a little reset.


Please note that the ReFresh Service is exclusively available for current clients for whom we have already organized that same area once. This service is intended as a retouch of an existing system that we have already put in place.

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