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How to Display and Organize Lego Pieces, insights from a Professional Organizer

Lego figurines displayed

Who among us hasn't grimaced, stepping on a long-abandoned Lego piece hidden in the carpet? Your home doesn't need to become a Lego-minefield, and your precious Lego sets don't have to lie muddled and deconstructed. What you need is an effective Lego storage system that not only organizes and secures these bristled bricks but also showcases your... no, not you, your kids' spectacular creations. This guide will walk you through the many advantages of organizing Lego pieces, and a variety of storage options,. Get ready to step into a world of Lego... minus the painful steps!

Benefits of Organizing Lego Pieces

The iconic Lego bricks are renowned for being a global creative playground - a hive for those with vivid imaginations and innovative minds. These playful and colorful pieces promise hours of fun and creativity, even enthralling adults who often succumb to spontaneous bouts of nostalgia. But, amidst the jubilant chaos of creation, comes the bane of every Lego enthusiast - the struggle of keeping track of countless pieces of all shapes and sizes. That's where the underrated virtue of organizing Lego pieces comes into play, and oh, the benefits are numerous.

Ease of Use

First off, a well-organized Lego collection significantly simplifies building process. No more sifting through heaps of bricks in search of that one elusive piece. Whether you're constructing the Eiffel Tower or a fancy spaceship, having your pieces sorted by type, color, or size makes for an expedited assembly. It saves you the trouble of having your passion project interrupted by desperate searches.

Rapid Visual Identification

An often-overlooked benefit of organizing Lego pieces is the way in which it facilitates rapid visual identification. Be it a red 2x4, or a tiny black axle, every piece in its rightful place aids quick recognition. An assortment of Lego bricks set up in systematic harmony not only gratifies the eyes but also potentially enhances cognitive skills like spatial cognition and pattern recognition.

Avoidance of Loss

Loss prevention is another compelling reason to organize your Lego pieces. The complex structures that your creativity weaves are often composed of numerous small parts. These, unfortunately, are incredibly easy to misplace, especially when mixed within a larger collection. However, a systematized setup can drastically minimize the risk of losing precious pieces, so your architectural masterpieces remain intact longer.

Extended Lifespan of Lego Sets

Lastly, the longevity of Lego sets greatly depends on the care and maintenance you put into them. A meticulously organized Lego collection not only enhances ease of use and visual appeal but also results in fewer lost, damaged or stepped-on pieces - thereby extending the lifespan of your cherished sets.

Properly organizing Lego bricks might seem like a herculean task, especially for larger collections. But the benefits clearly justify the effort. An organized Lego collection forms the foundation of a seamless building experience, paving the way for a world of crafted perfection that keeps the charm and excitement of playing with Legos alive for years to come.

Types of Lego Storage Solutions

Finding the right storage solution for your Lego collection can be quite a puzzle in itself, especially when you want to maintain organization, easy access, and protect your plastic treasures from getting lost. Thankfully, multiple types of storage solutions are available for every Lego enthusiast out there. From stackable containers to ingenious wall-mounted organizers and carrying cases, there are myriad ways you can stow your Lego sets in style.

Stackable Containers

Stackable containers are ideal for those who want to maximize their storage space without compromising the safety of their Lego pieces. These containers are available in various sizes so you can customize your storage system according to the size and number of Lego sets you have.

The key benefits of stackable containers include;

  • They are space-efficient, enabling you to utilize vertical areas.

  • They keep Lego parts compartmentalized, which simplifies categorization.

  • They are transparent, so you can easily identify where specific pieces are kept.

  • They offer a clean aesthetic, keeping your collection neat and tidy.

Drawer Systems

Drawers give you an excellent option for storing larger Lego parts and completed sets. Lego drawer systems are typically multi-tiered, with sliding compartments that offer easy access.

Some compelling reasons to consider drawer storage include;

  • You can allocate different drawers to various parts or themes, which improve organization.

  • Drawers protect Lego sets from dust better than most other storage methods.

  • Larger drawers can accommodate completed Lego structures.

  • They're typically sturdy and long-lasting.

Wall-mounted Organizers

If you're after a more creative way to store and display your Lego collections, wall-mounted organizers are the way to go. These systems incorporate shelves, pegboards, or magnetic strips, transforming your Lego storage into a piece of wall art.

The advantages of wall-mounted organizers include;

  • They provide an additional Lego display space.

  • They give easy access to Lego pieces.

  • They save floor space.

  • They are fun and unique, adding a decorative touch to a room.

Carrying Cases

If frequent transportation of your Lego collection is a necessity, then carrying cases are the ideal storage solutions for you. Carrying cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with compartments that ensure your pieces stay put during transit.

Why you might love carrying cases;

  • They're lightweight and portable, making them perfect for travel.

  • The robust external shell offers extra protection.

  • Compartments inside the carrying case keep pieces from mixing up.

  • Some cases also offer room for assembled models.

Remember, the best Lego storage solution is one that complements your building habits and space constraints, while adding a dash of style and convenience. After all, Lego building is not just a hobby, but a passion that deserves love and care!

Displaying Lego Creations

There's no denying that there is something truly rewarding about finishing a complex Lego set. That sense of accomplishment is hard to beat! But once you've completed your architectural masterpiece, how should you display it? Here, we delve into some optimal display options suitable for your Lego work of art.

Display Shelves

Perfectly perched on a shelf or exhibit, Lego creations add a vibrant splash of color and creativity to any room. Opting for specifically designed Lego display shelves ensures that your structures live on in their full glory and you relive the joy of creation every time your eyes meet them. Display shelves are:

  • Convenient: They can easily be placed on walls or standalone as needed.

  • Spacious: They offer ample room for displaying multiple Lego creations without crowding.

  • Adjustable: Many come with adjustable heights to make room for creations of varying sizes.

Shelves not only enhance visibility but also keep your Lego pieces safe from inadvertent elbow nudges or pet curiosity.

Protective Display Cases

To prevent dust accumulation and accidental damage, protective display cases are a brilliant solution for Lego enthusiasts. They put forth your Lego creation’s splendor in a well-protected environment, making these cases well worth the investment. Display cases:

  • Preserve Quality: They keep your Lego creations dust-free.

  • Offer Protection: They protect against inadvertent knocks or curious little hands.

  • Enhance Display: With a variety of designs available, they can truly elevate display aesthetics.

Remember, the beauty of Lego creations lies not only in the process of building them but also in how well they are exhibited afterwards. Shelves, hanging systems, and protective display cases, all offer unique advantages. Balance the available space, size of your Lego set, and your personal aesthetics to choose the most suitable method to display your Lego creations. Show off your work with pride and let your creativity shine!

Maintaining an Organized Lego Space

Stepping on scattered legos on your living room floor is an experience we'd all like to prevent. But if you've struggled to keep your child's - or your own - collection of these little plastic bricks tamed, you're not alone. So, how can you shift from cluttered chaos to a neatly organized Lego paradise? It's simple. Follow these practical steps for modular organization, and soon, maintaining your Lego space will become an effortless routine.

Regular Cleaning

Embracing a routine of regular cleaning will save you from a mountain of untidied Lego sets. Think of it in this way - after constructing a fantastic Lego model, instead of leaving the remaining bricks scattered on the floor, take a few moments to pack them away in a designated box or drawer.

Here are a few quick cleaning tips:

  • Invest in large storage boxes for bulk bricks.

  • Use smaller containers for specific Lego sets.

  • Always place loose pieces in containers immediately after building sessions.

  • Make it a practice to clean up right after, so pieces won't get lost or create a cluttered mess.

You'll be surprised at how much difference these small steps will make in maintaining order in your Lego space.

Frequency of Sorting

The frequency of sorting your Legos plays an equal role in keeping your Lego space orderly. Instead of waiting for your Lego pile to become overwhelming before sorting, make it part of your weekly routine. You'll find it much easier to manage and less of a daunting task.

Consider sorting your Lego bricks by:

  • Color, to make it easier to find required pieces.

  • Set type, which helps you remember which pieces go with each set.

  • Size, to prevent small pieces from getting lost among larger parts.

Teaching Responsibility and Organization to Children

There's a high likelihood that if you have a Lego space, it's a favorite hangout for your kids. Teaching them responsibility and the importance of organization can enhance the maintenance of this space.

Show them how to:

  • Clean up after each Lego session.

  • Sort their Lego pieces into respective boxes.

  • Keep track of every Lego piece that comes with a set.

As they master these skills, they'll apply them not just in their Lego space, but in keeping their rooms and other belongings tidy as well. An organized Lego space will not just give a neat look to your room, but it's an excellent skill-building activity for the family. Transforming an unruly Lego space into an organized haven is a challenge worth tackling. With regular cleaning, frequent sorting, and teaching your children organization skills, you'll create a Lego space that's tidy, calm, and a pleasure to play in.


Embracing the world of Lego is like immersing in a universe of boundless creativity. However, it's equally important to keep that universe organized, secure, and easily accessible. And with the techniques and solutions we've shared to organize, display, and maintain Lego pieces and creations, you are now equipped to enjoy the Lego experience more efficiently and joyfully.

Sometimes, your overall home organization may need the touch of a professional hand - that's where Professional Organizing Plus (POP) steps in. With a plethora of services including residential organizing, decluttering and pantry solutions, they've got you, and your Lego universe, covered. Live a more fulfilling, less stressful life by investing in lasting organization solutions with POP. Take the first step today towards an organized tomorrow! Visit us for more details.

Remember, an organized space is not just about a clean look. It's about building a less chaotic environment that fuels productivity, creativity, and peace - a sanctuary where you can play, display, and enjoy your Lego adventure to the fullest!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some popular options for organizing Lego bricks? Popular options for organizing Lego bricks include sorting by color, size, or type, using storage bins, tackle boxes, or specialized Lego storage containers, and utilizing storage solutions such as shelves, drawers, or even a dedicated Lego table.

  2. How can I display my Lego creations? You can display your Lego creations by using shelves, display cases, or wall-mounted racks. Another option is to build custom display stands or arrange them on a Lego table with a glass top to showcase your creations.

  3. What materials can I use to create a functional Lego storage system? You can use a variety of materials to create a functional Lego storage system, such as plastic storage bins, clear plastic containers, stackable drawers, or even repurpose furniture like storage ottomans or cabinets with adjustable shelves.

  4. Are there any software or online tools available to help with Lego organization? Yes, there are software programs and online tools available that can assist with Lego organization, such as BrickStock, Brickset, and Rebrickable. These tools allow you to keep track of your Lego collection, create inventories, and find building instructions.


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